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Those who own reptiles recognize the unique joys they can bring; however, like other pets, they still need a fair amount of care. While they might not require the same grooming as cats or dogs, their cages need to be kept tidy. This is necessary for not only protecting the reptile, but also for the people who live in the home. At The Grooming Place Pet Shop in Chester, MD, we are here to help you offer the care for your reptiles that they deserve. 

One of the most essential tasks when it involves looking after a reptile is cleaning the cage often. Over time, fecal matter and bacteria can build up in the cage. While cleaning the cages might seem like a chore, it is important to ensure this is done to stop bacteria from increasing. Reptiles are known for carrying Salmonella. This is an unsafe bacteria that can lead to a severe GI infection to those who contract it. Therefore, cleaning the cages often is critical.

How To Take Care of a Cage- There are a few steps that need to be taken when it involves cleaning a reptile's cage. First, start with the accessories. These can be cleaned by boiling them in water to kill anything that may be residing on them. If there is sand present, these can be rinsed and then baked in the oven. Try to keep a cleaning pack assembled with all of the equipment required to look after the cage. Try to prevent mixing this with regular household cleaning products. Generally, cages need to be cleaned on a daily basis for spills, shredded skin, feces, and clean food and water dishes. Try to deep cleaning about once per week. 

At The Grooming Place Pet Shop in Chester, MD, we offer a variety of equipment and devices that you can use to keep your reptile's cage clean. If you want to provide the cleanest cage possible for your reptile, depend on us to assist you! Stop by today at 1713 Main Street or call us at (410) 643-8760.

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