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The nutrition from our products is supplied through whole foods. Our take on holistic is the use of whole meats, whole grains, vitamin antioxidant preservation, incorporation of organic nutrient sources, and chelated minerals. Our foods are carefully crafted to yield the ideal levels of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and micronutrients for your pet.

Canine Food Dry
  • Dry Dog Food: Life Virtue, Cold Water Fish, Large Breed Puppy, Life Advantage, Advanced Opticoat, Adult Maintenance, Puppy Advantage, Weight Management
Canine Food Canned
  • Canned Dog Food: Lamb & Rice, Chicken & Brown Rice, Beef & Barley, Duck & Potato, Fish & Potato
Feline Food Dry
  • Feline Food: Life Advantage
Feline Food Canned
  • Feline Food: Canned, Grain Free

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